Cant access website from apple devices


so I’ve changed my DNS to Cloudflare DNS and I activate Cloudflare ssl
but now I can’t access to my website from Apple devices like iPhone MacBook even safari browsers
but website open in any other devices like android phones or any windows based laptops/pcs
please help me how could I solve this weird problem
my website link is
now there is just a hello should show you


Is this on some shared hosting plan? This is usually an issue (even though the page is a bit better) with misconfiguration around SSL.

Two questions:

  1. in the crypto settings in the Cloudflare dashboard is SSL set to Full or Flexible?
  2. if on a shared hosting (or your server) are you sure that HTTP and HTTPS traffic go to the same directory?


1- it is felexible mode
2- yes both go to same directory
i have a ubuntu vps
and nginx web server


Well then something is wrong in the config, because all requests from Cloudflare go to port 80 of the webserver.

You could try connecting directly to the VPS via the domain name and seeing what happens and what gets returned.

curl --resolve


i’d try this and echo my index.html contents