Cant access website at all!

Error 1014 Ray ID: 50b1890dcffac979 • 2019-08-24 01:25:58 UTC

CNAME Cross-User Banned

I am trying to set up my domain on teachable and the www. was not working. But when i deleted it i lost all access to my website so i need to figure this out asap!!

I have a CNAME for Name: - target: And it says it is proxied.

It then told me to create a CNAME for Name: www to resolve something. with the same target. but it just says ‘DNS’ only. and i still dont have access to my course.

it also has the following notes… but i dont know what they mean:

A few more steps are required to complete your setup.Hide

Add an MX record for your root domain so that mail can reach addresses. Make sure all A, AAAA, and CNAME records pointing to proxied records are also proxied to avoid exposing your origin IP.

I don’t think you can CNAME the root domain in this situation, so it needs to be a CNAME for www that points to teachable, then a redirect so the root domain forwards to the www:

There are also many posts on setting up Teachable:

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