Cant access website after domain renew on namecheap

Hello guys,
here’s a situation which I THINK MOST PROBABLY IS BECAUSE OF PROPAGATION SLOWNESS, but there might be something I’m doing wrong, so I want a second, third, fourth opinion just to avoid any unnecessary downtime.
We have a domain registered with namecheap which expired today, and was promptly renewed as soon as I saw that this was the reason for the website being down.

1- Initially it was just down (I was getting CONNECTION_REFUSED & ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR on chrome)
2- went to cloudflare as our DNS is here and turned off proxying for the domain & www.domain
3- opened the domain and nothing, so I went to namecheap and saw that today is the expiry date.
4 - renewed the domain
5 - in the meanwhile the domain started redirecting to the namecheap default page
6 - I flushed my DNS, changed to 8888, 1111, and defaulted, in one of those occassions the site worked for like… 5 minutes on my end
7 - site stopped working completely (we have multiple sites on same server, and others work fine, also routed through cloudflare)

DNS checkers say it is pointing to cloudflare now, but I can’t perceive this with any DNS I try, except on my mobile phone using data and which is currently on 8888 BUT, there i havent flushed DNS.

In the meanwhile I restored cloudflare settings to turn on proxying for domain & www.domain, so currently everything seems to be configured as it was before the down.
Im getting connection refused atm.
Any ideas or “just wait a few hours” ?


Unfortunately it is difficult to confirm without being able to replicate or look at the configuration.

The error ‘CONNECTION_REFUSED’ suggests that possibly you are not able to make a connection over port 80/443 (HTTP/S)

I would recommend testing by using your command line:


You should confirm it is resolving to a Cloudflare IP address, you can verify who an IP belongs to by using a tool like this -

Ensuring a DNS lookup in resolving to our Cloudflare IP’s is the first step.

If you’re still having an issue I would recommend raising a support ticket, so we can look at your specific case.

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