Can't access to the community for the last 8 months on 1 emial

An account could not be registered with the email address. Please contact the site’s administrator.
Very frustrating. Tried different machines different browsers, seems to be a server side issue.

also - - have updated the CNAME and they are still not showing after 12 hours but TXT records are being updated

Please see the DNS record in cloudflare and what Google is recommending to us.

It’s so frustrating

not 1 CNAME has been updated at all

From your screenshot, you added the CNAME record for the subdomain, pointed at

But in the link you provided, you’re checking for the existence of a CNAME record at the apex domain

So, of course, the test will fail.

You have to put into instead.

But I’m curious: what Google service/support article is asking you to create this CNAME record? Google’s services usually use *, but, of course, I don’t know all of Google’s services. What exactly are you trying to do by adding this CNAME record?

I’ve followed the instructions google has asked for

So i understand about the subdomain part for google (which its still not picking up, but should have picked up now) but what about the TXT recor, it should have picked that up based on these instructions from google

and it is google workspace

Both the CNAME and TXT records are clearly published and can easily be verified with or any other DNS lookup tool (even Google’s own lookup tool can find the records:

As to Google not “picking it up”, that’s a question that should be directed at Google.

Does anyone know why I can’t post to the community forum site? I’m getting the above error message, and I can’t contact anyone at cloudflare as it only does this community

You should be able to access the Community now @robert84

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