Can't access to site with phone internet

I have multiple sites on cloudflare with the same server, I found an issue with iPhone with internet I can’t access to one of the sites, I am getting error : This site can’t be reached.
but when I am using wifi or even a hotspot it’s working… any suggestions?

Is it a mobile friendly site? If not then that could be why your getting the error! For more info visit Understanding Cloudflare Mobile Redirect – Cloudflare Help Center

yes it is,I habe almost a copy of the site that setting on the same server and cloudflare and this site is working fine… just one of them not

Have you tried using a different phone maybe?

yes its not working on ipone and only when i am using interent from the service provider in wifi its work

Connect to your ISP (the same connection that’s working) then try again!

tried, they not help and its for few people with the same ISP

Its also not working with Xioami so its not just an iphone with this erroe message

Have you been trying changing the CloudFlare SSL settings on that domain (between some of these not working times)? And are some messages "site cannot be reached "and others “Your connection is not private” as above?

I did nothing working, also I have on the same server multiple sites and same dns on couldflare but just one site are not working

You say you have multiple sites on the one server. Do more than one of those sites have SSL setup on that server?

What happens after you set CloudFlare’s SSL for that site to Full - NOT strict?

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What I mean is that I have multiple free account on Cloudflare, all of them the same settings, most of the websites also setting on the same server (Ressler) but I can log in to all of them just to one not. I tried what you say but still have the issue.

So what happens when you set the SSL to Off. Is the response any different?

no it’s the same, very strange

If you are getting “Your connection is not private” errors with CloudFlare SSL for that domain set to Off, the error is coming from your server itself.

I can see it working on my own phone (Chrome 93 on Android 8), serving a non wildcarded Let’s Encrypt certificate with a validity period only starting today (it was serving the CloudFlare certificate earlier when you had CloudFlare SSL on).

If you look at the certificate on a phone with the issue, what does it show?

I dont think i can look on the certificate because the site is not load. i did pause to claudflare and still there is an issue so i think its maybe could be something with the server also

When you get the page you showed above on your phone (Your connection is not private), click on the icon to the left of the URL (an exclamation in a triangle). And then (from memory) click on the Connection option.

The image before that its friend from overseas that had try to go I have another phone at my homt without this icon

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