Can't access to my account - Login Authentication NEW IP

my email account is down (rackspace outage) so i can´t get the login authentication for a NEW IP login or send-recieve any emails. i have a secondary email account from that domain that works.

  • support at cloudlfare is not answering anymore through direct emails (and i can´t send emails through my main account ) i’ve sent from my other at mydomain but they rejected me the support and marked as solved.

  • can’t access support desk for tickets (ask login)

i have a pro plan so i can´t get to live chat.

any idea how to reach support to lift the NEW IP VERIFICATION?
i need to change my mx records to use a new email provider since rackspace/exchange is down until further notice.


As soon as your email comes back online, you should be set.

thanks sdayman ,
that could be days without access. the rackspace outage could take days to solve…

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