Cant access to backoffice after setting up cloudflare to my prestashop store

After configuring cloudflare with my store, now i cant access to the backoffice, i tried to disable cookie ip checking in prestashop store but as i know, this is not the solution. can anyone tell me what can i do to access without any problem to the backoffice? In frontoffice everything is working good.

What is the error you are seeing?

I dont see any error in developer console or in my site. Only when i access to the backoffice and click on some of the sections into the backoffice, then i will see the login page again. Basically, when I enter the backoffice and try to enter any section, it throws me out having to log in again but this time when I log in, it shows in the url the dashboard but I still see the login screen. It is as if it does not want to let me enter the backoffice. So far the only temporary solution has been to disable the ip check of the cookie but there must be something else I can do to have the option active and be able to access the backoffice as usual.

We have the same problem

If any of the cloudflare moderators can respond with a valid solution, it would be appreciated. As far as I know, this error has been unresolved for a long time.


Are you restoring original visitor IPs?

yes but if I disable the ip cookie check, then I can’t use some prestashop modules that depend on this. Like for example maintenance mode I can’t set ip to view my website when maintenance mode is enabled. Other modules like web content protection (disable copy, right click, etc) does not work without ip cookie checking. So some workaround must be there to solve this bug and be able to fully use all prestashop features.

Some more solutions?


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