Cant access subdomain

I cant see how to solve this issue, I have two domains and

clients get to view their images on a subdomain and

so for example

You can see that the piranha site is unobtainable and the douglasfry link works

The DNS entries for both are the same so its a mystery for me why one works and the other doesnt.

Any clues? Cheers, Douglas
PS Is it linked to the issue that I cant access by FTP by domain name like before, ie only by IP address?

Hi @douglas,

The reasoning is probably that one used www.subdomain and the other just uses a subdomain:

The Cloudflare universal certificates cover and *
This means that it covers any subdomain one level above the domain you signed up with. It will cover and, as these are one level above the root domain, The certificate will not cover or, however, as these subdomains are too deep.

You can read more about this and the solutions in this community tutorial.

You either need to set those records to :grey: or connect via IP.

OK thanks, I would prefer then to not have the and just stick to clients.piranha etc

Where is this defined please?

The only thing on Cloudflare is a DNS record for ‘clients’ pointing to your server.

You would then have to configure this on your server / in your CMS if you use one e.g. WordPress and change it from www.clients. to clients.

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