Can't Access Sub Domain

Hi folks.
I’m operating WAMP Server.
On my server I have a couple of websites that have been working fine for a few years.
Due to the trend nowadays of only allowing HTTPS I decided to give Cloudflare a try.
Using CF I can access my Root folder by just using my IP only. However this is where this issue happens.
When I try to access my subsite CF doesn’t allow my to input IP/site.
Example 123.456.20.30/photos
So far I’ve tried CF on 3 websites and all point to my root site or timeout.
Does anyone know of a fix?

If you are saying your server is not configured for SSL, you best pause Cloudflare for now and first make sure your server is secure. Once that is done, you can unpause Cloudflare.

Thanks for your reply.
My server has SSL.
My main page (index.html) loads fine. It’s the subsequent pages that don’t load.
Anything after index.html/****** fails.

Then what was that reference to SSL about?

Just rying to give as much info as possible. When configuring my server I came across suggestions to use CF, so decided to try,

There are plenty of tutorials which suggest Cloudflare for everything, when it’s not really necessary.

But anyhow, if you want to use Cloudflare, that’s certainly fine too. What’s the domain?

Cloudflare is not involved if you’re accessing your site with an IP address in your browser’s address bar.

That loads fine so far. Which URL does not?

The site loads, but the links point to a different domain: scottishlodge

I get that page instantly.
I get my root site only using but if I try another link from the main page it times out

Even if I do ctrl F5

I’d say there’s some issue with the configuration.

For starters, does your server IP address end in 82 or 30?


Is that the address that is configured on Cloudflare and no other?

I’ll check but I thinks so. Back in a few

Yes all are pointing to my IP

I am terribly sorry, but your server is not properly configured for SSL.

I would suggest you pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), change whatever you need to change on your server so that your site is properly loading on HTTPS, and only unpause Cloudflare once it works.

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I configured it recently. At least I thought I had.
I’ll do that.
Many thanks for your help.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case, unless you blocked all connections except Cloudflare. You didn’t do that, right?