Can't access Stream analytics


I’m trying to fetch some analytics data for one of the accounts I have access to.

I created an API Token with the following permissions:

XYZ - Stream:Read
    All zones - Analytics:Read

When I query the GraphQL endpoint, I receive an auth error:

    "data": null,
    "errors": [
            "message": "not authorized for that account",
            "path": [
            "extensions": {
                "code": "authz",
                "timestamp": "2020-12-20T16:18:51.921589029Z"

The query I used:

query {  
    viewer {    
        accounts(filter: {      
        }) {      
                filter: {          
                    date_geq: "2020-09-01"       
                orderBy: [uid_ASC]        
                limit: 1000      
            ) {        
                sum {          
                dimensions {          

I checked the account tag and auth token. Both should be valid. I also have access to the XYZ account.
Am I missing some particular permission for the token?

Thank you!

I was having a similar issue, but after about 24 hours after generation, my token suddenly started working. Did you just recently generate your auth token?

I tested the token right after creation and after a few hours (and days). Same issue.

I added broader access scope and it seemed to do the trick. I still have to figure out how I can tighten the scope.


@radoslaw Stream videos belong to accounts, not zones. Allowing account-level analytics access should do the trick.

Thank you!

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