Can't access site

I recently ran a twitter poll (after getting a few emails) and its turns out that around 4% of people can’t access my site.

They are seeing errors such as “can’t establish a secure connection” etc - but the other 96% of people (myself included and everyone I know who has tested it) all have no issues.

It’s really frustrating as Cloudflare support is basically non existent - even though we feel like we have traced it back to Cloudflare. I’ve asked some people who were having issues to run a trace route and then sent the files to CF.

Anyone else had this problem and fixed it?

If you opened a ticket, please post the Ticket #.

Your users can also try: and let you know the “colo” listed in that page.

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Ticket ID is #1926694

Ill also attach 4 screenshot for the results of a trace route that someone did

That is weird. An error such as that would warrant a Cloudflare-branded error screen, like a 522 or 524. That browser screen makes it look like it’s connecting directly to the origin server. Chromebook most likely uses for DNS, though it’s possible it’s using DHCP.

It’s also not the “can’t establish a secure connection” screen I was expecting, either. Like the Timed Out screen you posted, it also sounds like a non-Cloudflare error screen. Again looking like a direct-to-origin attempt.

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