Can't access site using client cert authentication

i already setup Cloudflare for our site. But we can’t access site that using client certification authentication. does it have limitations?

For now, Cloudflare doesn’t work with TLS client certificates for free/pro/business plan domains. Due to how TLS security works, client certificates can’t be proxied to your origin server through Cloudflare.

Details on this below.

Based on this (now removed/archived) KB article Cloudflare TLS Client Auth – Cloudflare Support only Enterprise customers can access information related to the TLS client certificate presented. But, as a recent change, Business plan domains using Cloudflare Workers can access this information via the cf.tlsClientAuth property. here’s what it gives (note I didn’t test presenting a client certificate):

    "tlsClientAuth": {
      "certIssuerDNLegacy": "",
      "certIssuerDN": "",
      "certIssuerDNRFC2253": "",
      "certSubjectDNLegacy": "",
      "certVerified": "NONE",
      "certNotAfter": "",
      "certSubjectDN": "",
      "certFingerprintSHA1": "",
      "certNotBefore": "",
      "certSerial": "",
      "certPresented": "0",
      "certSubjectDNRFC2253": ""

but this is currently only available via Workers for business domains.

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