Can't access site because of Cloudflare


So I use
to watch series but I can’t even connect to the site cus it’s stuck on
“Checking your browser before accessing

I use win10 & firefox(updated)
All drivers updated, I don’t think its my problem, I saw an old post saying to check date & time but they are fine

Does it work on a different browser or device?

only have firefox.
sometimes works, sometimes doesnt
is there a way to remove cloudflare for that site?

If it’s your site, You can either click “Pause Cloudflare on site” from the Overview page, or change your name servers at your registrar to point back at your host.

If it’s not your site, contact the site owners and let them know.

@Unknown, do you happen to run an adblocker?

If so, disable it and try again.

That line might stop the challenge

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ty worked

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