Can't access R2. Error: Please enable through the Cloudflare Dashboard. [code: 10042]

While attempting to list buckets using the command wrangler r2 bucket list, I received the following error message:

✘ [ERROR] A request to the Cloudflare API (/accounts/d028376ae15ec6b0af95173ebe4a24f8/r2/buckets) failed.
Please enable R2 through the Cloudflare Dashboard. [code: 10042]

Based on the error message, it seems that R2 is not enabled for my account, despite my understanding that it should be, there’s no pending invoices. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue? I am unsure if this is a configuration error on my part or if it requires intervention from your team.

I can’t access R2 dashboard from dashboard either.

Hi Gustavo,

Billing issues can only be addressed by our team via ticket.

You may open a billing ticket here: Contact Cloudflare Support