Can't access R2 dashboard with Administrator permissions

Hi everyone, our team just setup a new account today, unfortunately I am unable to access the R2 dashboard even though I have the required permissions and a credit card was also added to the account. All I see is the “plans” screen:

It works for the owner, so I assume it’s a permissions issue? I have Administrator permissions for the full account, so I would assume I am allowed to create buckets. Sometimes I get errors at the bottom, sometimes not… really confused about this and I hope somebody can help.

Best regards!

My guess is you don’t have billing admin permission, which I believe is needed to add a new subscription to an account.

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That was initially the case, but then our account owner added the subscription:

And he is able to create buckets and everything, while I only get the above mentioned plans selection. What permissions do you need to use R2 via dashboard?

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