Can't access page admin

The question of the next plan - a few days ago it became impossible to enter the admin part of the site.

It happens like this - I enter my login and password, I press enter - the page simply refreshes and asks me to enter my login and password again. And so in a circle 10 times it can happen and 11 times it turns out to go to the admin panel.

There is a suspicion that this is related to Cloudflare - in the DNS settings I
for the sake of the experiment, I turned off the cloud (there is a rule A -, I fixed it from Proxied to DNS only). After 5 minutes, it became possible to enter the admin panel.

But after setting the Proxied status back - after a few minutes the situation repeats.

In the Rules section there is a rule not to cache (Cache bypass) the admin part of the site.

Can you tell me what to do in this situation - before this was not the case, everything worked as it should.

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