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Good afternoon,

We have encountered an issue with our .de domain, which used to redirect to our .com domain but is now displaying a 404 Not Found error. The situation arises from a series of transfers between web service providers.

In 2019, we moved the domain from one provider (web builder A) to another (Web builder B). Web builder B hosted the domain with your services. Subsequently, in late 2019, we switched to a different web builder (web builder C). Web builder B claims to have transferred the domain to Web builder C, but Web builder C insists they never received the transfer properly. Web builder A states they no longer have control over the domain.

As the domain continued to function during this time, we didn’t take further action. However, with the current 404 error, we urgently need to regain control of the domain. It is crucial to resolve this promptly for professional reasons. Can you assist us with this matter?

Addition to the text above: In mid-2023, we attempted to contact Cloudflare for assistance. However, they indicated that they could not help us since we are not the “principal” of that domain. At that time, the URL was still functioning, so we did not take any further action.

Who is the domain registrar for this domain and do you have access to that account?

That is unknown. We handed over the domain to our former web builder at that time, but they claim not to have control over it anymore. That’s why we currently have no access at all.

For .de domains, the public WHOIS gives very little information. Best to start here…
…to see if the domain is still active and try to contact whoever has control of it through DENIC.

What is the domain?

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