Can't access numerous sites protected by Cloudflare security

Certain websites will not let me access them. Others require me to click a captcha box (not an issue but I thought I had better bring it up just in case it is relevant). I had this problem for a while with a lot more websites, I disabled the ublock extension and things seemed to get better for a while, however the issue is back. I have issues with sites like chatGPT (I can access their site but can’t get a reply) and phind as well as numerous other sites. Not sure if coincidence or not, but it seems most of these sites that I can’t access right now are to do with Artificial Intelligence. I don’t know how safe it is to give out my Cloudflare ID so I haven’t included it. The issue only happens on my computer and not any other devices on the network. Not my phone or my parents devices (I’ve asked them). Is there no way for me to send an email directly to Cloudflare about this issue?

Finally just wanted to add some other details that might be relevant or helpful. I have used project honeypot to allowlist my IP. I have disabled and uninstalled ublock origin. I used to not be able to access sites like Cloudflare itself or disboard . org etc. now it seems to primarily be an issue with AI sites, although I am not sure if that is the exact issue or just pure coincidental correlation. Ugh I really want to share my Cloudflare Ray ID but I reckon that’s probably not wise. Wish I could email Cloudflare support, but I don’t really want to pay since I am just a client / end -user and I don’t actually use any of Cloudflare’s services and I don’t have that much money. I don’t know who to contact or how to get this issue resolved. I can’t really contact a lot of the websites since I can’t access them to find out the contact details of the customer support.

It is not unwise, but it is not of any value either. The Cloudflare Ray ID is only of use to the site operator, not Cloudflare or Community members. You paying for Cloudflare support wouldn’t help you work through being denied by sites that weren’t yours.

You indicated that you could access sites with your phone. That might be one way to obtain site contact details.

Have you tried with a fresh profile in Google Chrome with no extensions ad default settings? You aren’t using TOR or VPN when your access fails, are you?

I have removed all extensions and am using default settings, additionally I do not use any VPN and also my phone utilizes the same profile as my desktop so it seems the block specifically happens on my PC. I have done a full scan of my computer for any malware (just in case) and there does not seem to be any.

Finally I just wanted to say - thank you for reminding me that I could simply get the contact details from my phone! I had completely neglected to remember that. I will contact them tomorrow and will provide an update along with any other fixes I can think of to try. I have been at this for a very long time though and I really hope something eventually works.


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