Can't access my website

I’ve linked my website successfully with Cloudflare, but the problem is I can’t access my website. I checked through proxies it’s up and running, but not showing up on my home network. Cleared browser cache and DNS flushing didn’t help. Any thoughts?

ohh, my website is

Hi, it is brand new website, still to be developed. Cloudflare was the first thing to do after purchasing hosting. I’ve set up my DNS, and all, installed worpress and that’s all. I can see the site through proxies, but can’t access directly.

I guess not, I’m total noob. I thought cloudflare is giving me free cetificate, no?!

If SSL is important, you need to get it at your host. Like brakes on a car. I’d rather stop before I hit the barricades, though those will stop me just as much.

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OK thanks. I will. Though my problem with not accessing the site persist. Looks like my ISP is blocked or something, because I tried on different machines. Anyway I can check my IP is blocked?

What error are you getting?


Your local DNS isn’t finding it. Try using for your local DNS:

Hey, thanks! That did the trick. I’m having access to my website. :wink:

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