Can't access my site without www

When I access my site without www i get an error message that the domain is an ‘example domain’ My DNS records seem to in order - it includes a CNAME record www forwarding and an A record for the URL without the WWW. My site is hosted on SiteGround and the SSL is also via siteground is by default set to the site without WWW. What am I doing wrong?

What is the domain?

What A record did you set? Your domain seems to be pointing at (actually, not a placeholder!).

You may prefer to redirect the domain to www for a consistent user experience and for SEO. There is a guide here…

My A Record is pointing to my siteground server and there is nothing that looks like on my DNS settings. Where else could this be set?

The error is coming from your server with the status code 200. It looks to be default document set on the host. Best I suggest you to Pause Cloudflare and troubleshoot the error.

I do not see the error in there.

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