Can't access my e-mail address

I still need to add a MX record since I transfered from Bluehost to Cloudflare.
My e-mail address was working through bluehost, but since I’ve switched server I don’t receive any mails anymore. I contacted bluehost to ask for the server name to input, but they told me I need to ask the MX record here!
Can anyone help?

Cloudflare is not your email host and does not have that information.

What’s the domain?

Hi, the domain is
When I transferred from Bluehost to CloudFlare there was this message at the DNS panel that I still had to add a MX record or something? It disappeared by now.
How do I get access to my mails again? :slight_smile:

I see an MX record pointing to As long as that’s what you point your mail app to for sending and receiving, that will work.

It hasn’t worked since I switched server a week ago :confused:
I asked Bluehost which MX record I should enter here to reconnect to Bluehost’s server, but they told me I should ask which MX record to add over here?
Should I ask them again?
Is okay as an input as well?

Which server did you switch?

From Bluehost to Cloudflare :slight_smile:

Cloudflare is not a web or email host. Where do you configure your mailboxes and email passwords?

Through Bluehost. I added everything (my files, email address and database) there. But since I’ve chosen to use Cloudflare after a few days of being a client of Bluehost I can’t access my mails anymore. When I’ve set up everything at CloudFlare, I saw an info message that said something about a MX record and my mails. Everything else was added automatically. So I added what I thought was the right MX record, but I still can’t access my mails. Should I just delete that MX record? The website loads a lot faster though which is good. But it would be nice if I had access to my [email protected] mails again!

It looks like you have a ‘mail’ hostname, but it’s set to :orange:. Try setting it to :grey: and then set your MX record to

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Hola, tengo el mismo problema.
Mi hosting es hostgator y tenía vinculada mi cuenta empresarial con mi cuenta de Gmail.
Sin embargo, desde que vincule mi dominio con cloudflare ya no puedo acceder a mi correo desde Gmail y el error me indica que 3s un problema con este servidor.
Me pueden ayudar!?

Should it be like this?


That should do it. Just make sure your mail apps are configured to send and receive through your ‘mail’ subdomain.

Like this?

And should I worry about the warning? There should be an IP-address, right?

That warning is normal when you host email and your website on the same server.

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