Can't access my dashboard

So I made a support ticket but apparently Cloudflare isn’t responding to tickets so that’s great.

So the problem is, the moment I login I get redirected to which also happens to be a 404 page.
This happened right after I tried to use’s domain connect, which also failed. Now I can’t manage my domains at all, which is extremely annoying. How can I get this fixed?

I think my account home has been set to Any way I can get this fixed/raised to another support team?

Hi @anishanne1,

Cloudflare will reply to tickets, it can take up to a few days on the free plan. If you received an autoresponse that doesn’t solve the issue, please reply back and indicate you need further help.

Ticket has been opened since the 17th. I’ve been asked to reply twice to keep it open and I’ve dons such. Ticket is still marked as open but all I’ve gotten in 8 days are automated responses.

Can you post the ticket number here? We can’t see the tickets but sometimes the mods check up on them.

Sure, its #1872803

6 Days no fixes.

Hi @anishanne1, sorry for the issues you’re facing, I see a login to your account today, did you experience the same redirect today as you did before & are you still experiencing this issue? If so, can you try a different browser, incognito mode and/or clear cache to see if you’re able to login? I’ve added myself to the ticket and see it’s now assigned to an engineer, sorry for the delay.

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I am still experiencing the same redirect. The only way to bypass it is to right click my account, go to billing and then click Dashboard.

Is there some setting that changes the login redirect?

No, there’s not. And, I’m not able to reproduce the issue. I’ve seen similar situations where a plugin on your browser prevents access to the Cloudflare account. If you’re running chrome, can you do the following?

  1. Download Canary
  2. Don’t sign in to your Google account (so that it will not sync with all your plugins)
  3. Try to log into your Cloudflare account

Short of that, you could make a HAR to share with the support engineer. They may be able to see something in the logs, but any detail to help them troubleshoot is good.

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Interesting. It’s working fine on chrome canary.
I’ll clear my cache and deactivate plugins till I find the solution.

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Good luck & please let us know which one was causing the issue so I can let the team know.