Can't access my applcation outside my local network


I’m a Cloudflare novice and only know the very basics.

I just setup my local application via Cloudflare so it’s accessible from outside my local network using my registered domain.

However I noticed that it only works if I use it from within my local network. If I try to access my application from outside (using my domain) it’s not working. If I activate my VPN (to my local network) it works fine again.

What I noticed is that when I access my local application (local HANA DB) the request initially is redirected to a different page (hostname/ port) for authentication which seems to be the problem.

My config.yml file on my local server looks like:


hostname: (my domain).com
service: https://:(local server):51053
noTLSVerify: true

service: http_status:404

If I enter my domain in a browser e.g. https://(my domain).com the request is redirected to https://(my domain).com/webapp/index.html (as expected, rule in the config.yml file).

If I perform this request on my local network the application automatically redirects to:

https://:(local server)39032/uaa-security-oidc/login, accessible because I’m on my local network hence have access to https://:(local server)39032/uaa-security-oidc/login.

If I try to do the same outside my local network the request times out (doesn’t seem to know what to do with request: https://:(local server)39032/uaa-security-oidc/login).

I don’t know how to handle this, I guess I have to change my config.yml file but don’t know how.

Assume this is a basic configuration as many applications require authentication.

Any help from the experts is welcome.