Can't access my account to change name servers on my domain

Hi! I got an issue regarding name servers.
I’m helping a friend to create a new website using wordpress and she has semi-recently moved all of her domains to a new webhosting service “One” so she has all of it at one place.
Today she has the site running at a place called “Hemsida24” but the domain is located at “One” and in the future when the new site in WP is complete the old site at “Hemsida24” will cease to exist.

The problem I have is that when I create a sub domain to not interfere with the old site it runs into some sort of issue and the newly started sub-domain can’t be accessed. Sometimes I can get the sub-domain to work but then out of the blue it crashes and does not work for several hours, sometimes days.
Support at “One” says it has to do with the name servers that is in use on our domain and apparently that is servers here at Cloutflare. My friend has no recollection of ever using CF and has no account to log in to.
“One” support says that I have to redirect trafic to our new subdomain to get it to work properly but like I said, we have no way to actually acess the admin tools to do so.

What can I do to fix this?
Would a simple change of the name servers at “One” to theirs help? And would it work without breaking the connection to the site that is up and running today?

Would really appreciate some help because I’m really out of my depth on this one…

Best regards, Dennis

Hey, to summarize:

One: domain (I know they are also a hosting company, but for now you’re only using their nameservers, right?)
Hemsida24: hosting

And I few questions:

  1. I couldn’t find anything, but ‘One’ uses cpanel as their control panel to manage your website/domain/etc?
  2. I can assume you already set One’s nameservers in Hemsida24, right?

You can change the nameservers in Hemsida24 to One’s nameserver, than, Hemside24 will show you an internal URL and/or IP address to your website.
In One’s DNS record list you need to create an A record for IP or CNAME record for internal URL.

Than, you just need to wait for DNS propagation, used to be very fast, 1 minutes, depends on your DNS server.

As far I know, this is nothing related with Cloudflare, but One’s support seems to confused you.

Hey and thanks for your answer. I will look in to this solution.¨
Best regards, Dennis

  1. Yes there seems to be a CNAME and a A-post.
  2. The thing is, I dont have all the background since I’m doing all of this for a friend. But on hemsida24 you can barely get any information and i can’t find anywhere where I can make a change for nameservers…


Let us know if you solved your problem!

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