Can't access many websites with Cloudflare Warp in Turkey

I can’t access sites I previously could with Warp. Those are mainly censored websites in Turkey.

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Thanks for the heads up.


How is it possible that some sites are unreachable? I thought Warp encrypted the connection?

Same here. Strange that after enabling Private DNS on Android to, I managed to access censored websites even without Warp. Could the government be DPI’ing traffic in and out of Istanbul PoP? They indeed forward residential traffic to some kind of a cleansing facility, but not sure about colos like that of Cloudflare.

But also WARP+ accounts are assigned OTP location instead of high-speed IST location. Please either make this optional, or assign the closest server. Thank you and I await your help.

Cool, WARP traffic is now being routed to Bucharest and I can now reach censored websites.

@arifunlu they probably switched WARP traffic in IST to OTP because of the recent issues with accessing censored websites.

This makes no sense. It creates a huge delay. Then Cloudflare should clearly state what purpose it serves.


I actually looked there. But my problem is that it was able to connect to IST location a few weeks ago, but now it can’t.

I know about that. You can check, it shows Istanbul as re-routed. That’s most probably the Warp traffic, because Istanbul can still accept HTTP traffic:

I believe Istanbul is having problems accessing some Internet properties with Warp, hence rerouted.