Can't access Manage Domain in Cloudflare

I accidentally deleted the Website record for a domain of mine. Cloudlfare is both the domain registrar and DNS provider.

When trying to click Manage from my Domain List, Cloudflare doesn’t actually load up the Manage Page for the domain; is just redirects me right back to my list of domains.

Because of this, I can’t get the site back online, since I can’t change the nameservers to what they need to be.

Anyone run into this? Help!

@cloonan are you able to help? I saw you post on a related thread (this one: I Transferred my domain to cloudflare but cannot manage it - #10 by sdayman)

Raise a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here…
…and ask for the nameservers for your domain to be updated.

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I’ve done so here:

Is there someone you can flag this to? Naturally, it’s urgent because I accidentally took the site down (heavy trafficked site).

Thanks @sjr

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Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us. We are currently reviewing the ticket and will reply shortly after.

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Okay thanks. Happy to get on a call or google meet to help articulate the issue if there’s any confusion.

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