Can't access Kissmanga because of cloudflare?

So for some reason i can’t access kissmanga for some reason, at first i thought it was the app fault or my phone fault, so i restarted my app but it still did’nt work. And then i restarted my phone but it still did’nt work, and i tried opening it on my laptop just to get the same result from my phone. but when i tried using a VPN it work, but it load slowly. so is my IP getting block or what?
P.S: sry for the bad english, im an amateur

Possible. Can you post a screenshot or share the error message?

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this is the screenshot from my phone in an app called Puffin browser, when i tried to access it in another browser, most of it show white blank screen and says this site can’t be reach. But Puffin on other hand show that screen repeatedly but with different Ray ID.

So… Am i being block or what?

No, I just access your site. Cloudflare want to verify the access and I was introduced with a captcha. This happens when a new user trying to access from a new IP. Also if you modify anything in the admin you need to turn on Development mode at CF and Purge cache then when don turn DM OFF. Hope that helps.

well everytime i access the site it didn’t give me any captcha, it just show checking your browser but with just different ray id. It keep doing that over and over.
well i use puffin but it always work like usual but a few days ago it just wont let me access the site anymore it just keep showing the checking your browser thing, and when i use chrome on my phone it load slowly and then just showed a “this site cant be reach or whatnot” thing.

i don’t quite understand what you say admin stuff but if you’re talking about the developer mode in the phone setting, i turn it on but idk what CF mean, and i always clean the phone cache over and over but it didn’t work. also idk what DM off mean

I have the same problem with ArmorGames.
few weeks ago it strated.
I have that looping screen.

Both, Kissmanga and Armor Games work for me. On Kissmanga I see the JS challenge and get redirected after a few seconds. Please retry in incognito/private mode or clear your browser cache

I‘ve direct access to Armor Games without any JS or captcha challenge. If you’re still having issues, contact the site owners. They can open a ticket if there‘s a more serious issue.

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