Can't access internet when using WARP

I’ve run WARP for a few month and it was working great. I used w/o WARP and had no issues. Suddenly I can’t access any website when I using WARP. In the first time I try to test it. I only can access google and youtube (but unable to stream any videos) but after that it’s showing no internet connection.
I tried to reset settings, close the program, uninstall and install it, etc but it’s still not working.


I faced the same issue. Afaik the ISP Wi-Fi service you’re using is having problems with Cloudflare WARP at the moment, apart from that you should still be able to use warp with your mobile data in your phone.

I have the same problem since three days. Help fix me to fix the problem

Same here, no longer working, both on mobile and desktop.