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It seems that since a couple of weeks I can’t access webpage, no issue with gitlab repo or
Is there any way to check whether there is a filter/block on some ip from cloudflare ?


Gitlab doesn’t use Cloudflare. Are you seeing something that’s saying Cloudflare is the issue?

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No offense but @sdayman, you are wrong


They used cloudflare and after several check with them we end up on that potential issue, hence my question.
However, they will raised it on there side I guess it will have more impact :slight_smile:

Yes, you can, it should be in your firewall logs! For help on accessing the logs, see any one of the articles below

How so? When I look at, it’s not proxied by Cloudflare.

Then why does the WHOIS ICANN lookup say the nameservers are pointing towards Cloudflare?

Because most anybody is allowed to use Cloudflare DNS, even if they don’t proxy their site(s) through Cloudflare.

Oh, so they have a Cloudflare DNS set, it’s just they’ve turned off the proxy (set it to “DNS ONLY”)! is probably not proxied ( and I have no issue to acces this subdomain) my issue is with “main” website (

It seems to redirect to (where I see this)

You might want to check your DNS records within your Cloudflare dashboard and see if is set to “Proxied”! If it, change the record to “DNS only” (:grey: cloud)!

Nope, I misread it. I’m mobile right now and can’t dig into proxy status right now.

What error is showing?

I misread. Anyhow, the naked domain only redirects.

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But if they’re blocked at the naked domain (which is proxied by Cloudflare), they won’t get that redirect to the ‘about’ subdomain.

They’re probably seeing a 1020 screen:

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