Can't access files via FTP?

Hi all, I know that Cloudflare helps a website to load more quickly, so I have changed the dns at the domain registrar to Cloudflares, but now, I’m not able to access the website via FTP? Am I doing this the right way?

Use your server’s IP instead. Cloudflare does not proxy FTP.

You could also create a new DNS A record and set it to :grey: But this would expose your origin’s IP address.

Thanks Mark, I’m very new to this, how do I get the servers IP address please?

Either from the Cloudflare dashboard, since it seems you configured something There, or from you webhost. They probaly also have a generic hostname for your server or webspace which could be used.

Thanks Mark, I did change the ns to cloudflares (in the hopes of getting quicker pageloads), does this mean the webhosting is now with cloudflare?

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