Can't access existing support tickets after changing email address

A few weeks ago, I’ve changed the email address of my Cloudflare account. However, I can’t access now my’s support tickets. What can I do to access them? I’ve opened a support ticket with number #2529194 and I have the issue with the email address that submitted that ticket. Thanks for your help.

I see an agent is working on your ticket and they will address the question about viewing the tickets. I also noticed a question about your Community account, can you share some more details here or on 2529194?

Hello @cloonan. Huge thanks for your time :smiley:! Yes, I’ve just purchased a subscription which includes email & chat support, and an agent is currently solving this issue with me via chat.

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You’re in good hands, I’ll keep an eye on the ticket and let us know if we need to do anything wrt your Community account.

Hello. The agent said that this problem needs to be solved by the engineering team, and has escalated the issue.

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Here is the new support ticket with the conversation via chat: #2539941.

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