Can't access emby on https | 522 error

Hi, i have an ovh domain name, i have an ssl certificate from cloudflare, my website is working in http, cloudflare is working but everytime i access my website in https i get an 522 error.

What is going on? I really need help, i’ve tried for hours

Then you still have an insecure site. Your site needs to work on HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

how do i do that? If i added my site cloudflare it was to make it work with https,

You skipped a very important step: Securing it at the server. Ask your host for some assistance with this, as they should have provided you with a secure site.

Ok, apparently i had to buy an hosting plan, so now i have a new doman that works with https but i’m lost, it’s on another server linked to another ip so i can’t used my local media server.

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