Can't access Email routing feature

Hello everyone,

Recently I have changed my domain Regitar to Cloudflare, it is working just fine. I am facing a problem with my email routing I can not receive any emails for Cloudflare domains.
I have updated my hosting provider DNS to the Cloudflare DNS record but still, it is the same.
I have tried to use the Cloudflare Email routing feature but it is more than 3 weeks still showing “Access Requested” in the meanwhile what would be an effective step for me and how can I fix the issue.
If anyone can help me by suggesting something it would be really great help.

Note: I am using “Hosten” for my hosting service

Have a great day!
Thanks in advance

The Email routing feature hasn’t been fully released yet. It’s a slow rollout, so just keep an eye for it to get to you.

Without knowing your domain name, we can’t check, but make sure all email-related DNS records are set to :grey: DNS Only.

Hey Sdayman,
thank you for your response, my domains are, as per my knowledge I have set all the DNS. If you can help me more will be appreciated.

Have a good day.

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Not properly. Your MX record for shi-zana points to a hostname that’s :orange: Proxied.

mayadeep doesn’t even have an MX record.

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