Can't access domain from smartphone

My domain does not load on my smartphone browser, but it does work on my laptop. On my phone, the window says “A server with the specified hostname cannot be found.”

I’m an inexperienced user and would love help/pointers for how to fix this.
My site is does not have a DNS record, your site is accessible over

You will probably want to create a redirect rule to send requests from to

To do that, create a redirect rule here…

Copy this example exactly, just changing the hostnames…

Add a proxied dummy value for @ of A or AAAA 100::.

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Thank you for your response! I’m afraid I’m still confused. There are an overwhelming number of examples on the Single Redirect page, and I don’t know which to choose.

I added a redirect rule, but I must’ve chosen the wrong one because I’m still not able to pull up my website on my phone.

When I try a proxied A record, I am not allowed to save it because “a CNAME record with that host already exists.”

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These are the current DNS records.

You need to delete the apex CNAME and then follow this Tutorial.

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A million thanks to you!! Following the tutorial fixed the problem. Very grateful for your help.

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