Can't access DNS Records

Hello there,

I am trying to transfer my domain from namecheap to cloudflare. When I try to initiate the process it tells me that the domain requires a Full DNS Setup. When I go to the dns zones cloudflare tells me “Your DNS zone file is hosted by Cloudflare Hosting24 , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website.”

Now I don’t use Hosting24 and I contacted my hosting provider and they told me that they can see that I am using their dns service for my domain and they don’t know why cloudflare showing that message.
Does someone know how can I fix that problem so I can ultimately transfer my domain to cloudflare?



The transition requires a few simple steps:

  1. You need to take a few actions (detailed below) to prepare for this change
  2. Convert the zone to a Full setup
  3. You can then update your domain to point to Cloudflare’s nameservers to complete the change

Before making the switch, please perform the following actions:

  • Populate the DNS tab of the Cloudflare dashboard with all the records that you require. (Note: There will be issues with adding TXT or MX records until the change to full setup is actioned)
  • For proxied (orange clouded) multi-level subdomains (eg: you will need to provision an advanced certificate and add any second/third/etc… level subdomains as custom hostnames, so those are covered by an SSL certificate
  • Convert the zone to Full Setup via the dashboard. Under the Overview tab for the zone on the bottom right corner, under Advanced Actions, select Convert to Full DNS Setup - Do not change the nameservers at this point
  • Confirm your DNS record entries in the dashboard, including adding MX and TXT records (make sure you orange and grey cloud as appropriate)
  • Ensure you have disabled DNSSEC at your old provider (if enforced)
  • Update the nameservers of your domain at your Registrar to the assigned Cloudflare nameservers
  • Wait for the zone to activate at Cloudflare (once we detect the nameserver change)

Once active, feel free to remove any references to on your previous authoritative nameserver.
Please note that we will still respond to queries for the CNAME addresses even after your domain is switched to Full, so there will be no site downtime.

Hello Wanda,
Thanks for your reply, as I mentioned initially I cannot add or remove any records from DNS > Records. It tells me that my zone file is hosted by Cloudflare partner and I have to change the records there.

The problem is that I don’t even use the hosting provider mentioned in my DNS > Records.

I cannot add or remove any records from DNS > Records

You will need to convert the zone to a full set up first

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