Can't access cloudflare because email used to signup incorrect

I bought a domain from Cloudflare and used a gmail account that I had not activated yet (I know, stupid at the time but thought it would be activated by the next day). Needless to say, in order to activate the gmail account on the domain, I need to do two things:

  1. change the MX records, which I need to access Cloudflare to do
  2. Log into Clouflare using the email and password I set the account up with
    The problem comes with Cloudflare stating that it send me a code, but it is sending it to the email address that is not activated yet. Thus, I cannot verify it, get the code, or access the email.

I created this second account, per the Cloudflare contact number’s tech support message. But is there a way to update my account with a different email address so that I can get the code and go into the account to update the MX records so that I can activate my gmail account associated with the domain?