Can't access Cloudflare Account

My client owns a website which is being hosted at CloudFlare. TravelNet Solutions was the developer which created the hosting account on CloudFlare. Now, my client needs to move the website because TravelNet is going to terminate the hosting account. So, we need to get into CloudFlare to get the website files and database.
However, we can’t get into CloudFlare account because we don’t have the credentials. Since the email that is on the account is a TravelNet email, we are being denied access to the files that are rightfully ours.

A ticket was opened for this and then prematurely marked as Resolved: Case [#2189974]
We were provided with a link to an article that did not help at all (Login and account issues – Cloudflare Help Center) This case has NOT been resolved.

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Hi @lara1,

You won’t find the website files and database at Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a proxy, not a host. You should get these from your web host.


Cloudflare is not a hosting provider, and in most situations will have no files or databases for you to gain access to. Cloudflare is mainly a caching proxy CDN and DNS provider.

As you already know who created the Cloudflare account, and who is the hosting provider, it would be easiest to work with them to have your domain transferred to a Cloudflare account that you control.


I’m trying to wrap my head around what TravelNet Solutions did. Obviously I don’t really understand why TravelNet Solutions pointed the DNS to Cloudflare? Can anyone explain that for me if cloudflare isn’t a host? Thanks so much for helping to shed light on this murky situation that I’m coming into very late in the game.

Cloudflare provides security and performance services for websites. So the website would usually be hosted with a traditional web host and then Cloudflare sits in front of that and proxies the connections, speeding up the site and adding security features etc. I would guess that was why they were using Cloudflare.


Thank you!


It’d be nice if you could edit the inaccurate and inflammatory post title.


Perhaps if CloudFlare had any sort of phone support I would not have had to resort to inflammatory language? What kind of company doesn’t offer phone support? But sure, no worries. :wink:

Perhaps ones that offer a huge amount of services for free. It’s quite difficult to fund something like phone support when your customers mostly aren’t paying :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Paid customers can access far quicker support and live chat / phone support depending on the plan.

Thanks for editing the title, anyway.

Well, that’s the thing, we ARE paid customers, we are paying a third party for the CloudFlare services and NEITHER company wants to provide service. I simply wanted to know why my clients DNS might be pointed to their servers. I’ve never heard of CloudFlare before and had no idea how they were connected to my client’s site. Seems like a reasonable simple question to me, whether paying or not (but yes, paying).

Generally, third-party Cloudflare integrations have to be handled through the partner as they mostly control the setup.

Of course, that is a question we can help with here on the forums, and you did get a reply here in under 10 minutes.

Would just appreciate less hostility at the start, especially given that we are just volunteers trying to help people :slight_smile:

So the way around paying for good customer service is to have volunteers answer the questions that they should be willing to answer on a phone call. I get it, I just don’t agree with the model as a good business practice and that’s the difference between whether I will recommend a company to a client or not. = 2¢


I don’t really agree. If you were paying Cloudflare directly, I’d understand that you wanted personal support from them. As you’re going through a partner, it is them who should be providing the support you paid for.

This forum is mostly used by those who don’t have a paid plan with Cloudflare and it works pretty well for that.

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