Can't access bound D1 database from Cloudflare Pages

I have a D1 database bound to a Cloudflare Pages and the object context.env.SQLITE is empty. The code works fine locally via mini flare, but when deployed it says that SQLITE.prepare is not a function, well, because the SQLITE object is empty. Any thoughts?

export const home = async (context) => {

  const db = context.env.SQLITE || context.env.__D1_BETA__SQLITE;
  const { results } = await db.prepare(`
    select * from posts

// etc.

Have you bound it to both the Production and Preview enviroments?

Yes I have:


If you’re using Wrangler 3.5+ then there’s an issue there. Downgrade to 3.4 and it’ll work.

Wrangler was the issue indeed. Worked with V3.4, but not with 3.6 which I was using. Thanks!

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