Can't access billing without upgrade

Hi, We want upgrade. Only accounting can make payment and they can’t access billing without upgrade.

Hi @simba.tsuro,

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here. What plan do you want to upgrade from and to? What exactly can’t you access?

  1. Dev created the Cloudflare account and by default became super admin
  2. We want to upgrade from free plan to Pro
  3. To upgrade we have to make payment
  4. Internally, accounting are the only ones who can handle payments.
  5. Accounts needs access to billing

I see, on all plans except Enterprise, you can only have one Super Admin who has access to billing. I’m afraid there isn’t really a way around this. Usually the setup is the opposite where the client has the Super Admin and access to billing and the Dev is added as an admin.


Thanks @domjh

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