Can't access any websites using cloudflare

I can’t connect to any websites using cloudflare, Did a DNS flush, Router factory reset, Nothing worked, Even contacted my ISP and they said that everything was fine, Using a VPN is the only way to bypass it

If you’re seeing an error number, go ahead and type it into Search at the top of the page here.

no errors, just the average “Can’t reach this page” on multiple browsers

I take that back, Now I’m getting “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND”, Looking it up rn

Are you in Russia?

And where is the endpoint of the VPN that’s working?

I live in USA, VPN is connected to Los Angeles

That’s certainly interesting. Have you tried using DNS, such as on your router or device?
Naturally, I use, but also works very well.

already tried both, didn’t work

How about trying a hotspot on your cellphone, or just on your cellphone without wifi?

It just sounds like your local network isn’t letting you connect to a bunch of stuff, yet it still lets you connect to the Cloudflare community.

If you have command line access on your device, like Terminal on the Mac, try something like:
traceroute examplecom for a domain you can’t reach. Go ahead and post a screenshot of that.

Can you type in host

That should at least show if it resolves in DNS.

using a VPN it goes through but without the VPN “connection timed out; no servers could be reached”

Even the “host” command doesn’t work? If so, how about host and then a traceroute?


it’s odd because I can access google on my desktop and phone but termux doesn’t think I can

Something is going on at your local network, so I’m afraid it’ll be nearly impossible to troubleshoot it remotely.

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