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We are currently being hit by the centurylink outage, and our website is completely inaccessible. I wanted to log in to Cloudflare to redirect requests to another (personal) server that is not in the affected area. Unfortunately, when I try to log in, it sees me as connecting from a unknown IP (I’m tethering from my cell phone) and emails me a token required to log in. Unfortunately, we have no email since our email services are local and are also affected by the outage.

Since I can’t log in with our actual account I’m logged in on my personal Cloudflare account, but I can’t open a ticket with that account because there are no paid services on my personal account. Is there any way to get Cloudflare to let me into our account?

Hi @geof, from your personal account, you can still open a ticket, but only for the zones in that account. I don’t know of an easy option, the support team can only work with the account owner. If you anticipate the outage will last a while, you could transfer the zone to your persona/anotherl account, that involves having access to a lot of information about the zone, changing the name servers at your registrar, and takes time.

(A couple of suggestions in the FWIW category - you may want to open a ticket with Support to make them aware of the issue. Next, and this is 20/20 hindsight, once you have access, add another user to your account to give you more options in the future.)

thanks. we have no ETA from Centurylink and their service over half the US is out, so we can’t even get them on the phone. I may consider setting up the domain on my personal account temporarily. Will Cloudflare complain if the same domain is associated with a different account?

In retrospect, yes I need a non-internal email, but I’ve never experienced this token prompt, so I had no idea it would be a potential problem. I’ve even driven around town to different locations where I have logged into Cloudflare with this account, and all of them are giving me the token prompt.

Ugh, that completely stinks. As long as you add the domain, get the new name servers and change those over with your registrar, you should be good to go. Once our systems pick up the new name servers, the domain will be in control of your new account. After you add the zone, I’d contact support to make them aware of the change. They cannot speed nor affect the process, but it’s good to keep them in the loop. The only snafu (aside from time), may come from re-creating the DNS records.


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