Cant Access Account Help


We have been informed by our IT company we work with the one of our old domains is registered with Cloudflare and in order to point or redirect this domain to our new domain we need to contact Cloudflare to achieve this.

However, we are struggling to access our account or remember what email might be registered with Cloudflare, as we were not the original owners of the business.

We have tried entering our domain on the platform to send an email to the designated email address, but for all our emails we cannot seem to identify the email.

Wondering if we can gain assistance on this matter.


The forgot email function will send the email to the email address associated with your domain - if you do not receive that email that means you do not have access to that email address.

In that circumstance, you would not be able to recover access to that account - so the best course of action would be to add the domain to an account associated with an email address you do control:

What’s the domain?

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