Can't acces to my wp-admin wordpress

Hi everyone,

Can you please you help me to fix an issue with my wp-admin for wordpress, i can’t acces to my dashboard, the problem happened one day after i connected my website to Cloudflare and i installed some plugins.
i contacted my Host he told me to add new Record on Cloudflare wtih @ but when i did Cloudflare don’t accept, they tell me Error already exist but in the fact he doesn’t exist.

Thank you for your help

@ represents your apex domain, such as When you are looking for the existing record for @ you want to look for your domain and not the symbol.

You may want to pause Cloudflare while you are troubleshooting.

Thank you for your replay,

I tried it but nothing changed, i think the problem is caused by a plugin or an automatic update.

Do you have an idea please ?


I still show Cloudflare IPs when I look up your domain. Have you re-enabled Cloudflare?

If the problem persists with Cloudflare paused, the issue does not involve Cloudflare and is caused by something on your origin site. The Cloudflare Community can help with Cloudflare related topics, but not general WordPress issues. If you need WordPress help you will want to engage with forums dedicated to that, such as the following:

If you think your problem was caused by a plugin, this may help, but if you need further assistance, one of the previous forums is more suitable.

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