Can't able to connect FTP via filezilla. Pls help

Hello guys,
I just activated Cloudflare y’day and now I can not connect my FTP.
can’t able to connect FTP via filezilla. Pls help

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Please use the search function. That topic has been covered a gazillion times.

Basically, you can use non-HTTP protocols over proxied connections.

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Yes I have seen and tried. but could not able to make it done perfectly.
Can you pls help?

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What exactly have you found and tried?

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have a look: Screenshot by Lightshot

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And what and how did it not work in your case? Post a screenshot of the error.

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Error: Screenshot by Lightshot

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That is the very original issue, where you havent applied any of the suggestions mentioned in the linked article. Which steps of that article did you follow?

For reference

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yes I have created FTP entry.

All right, but in your screenshot you are connecting to your naked domain, not your “ftp” host. Change that connection target and it should work fine.

where can I find, what will be correct connection target?

In your FTP client.

means? I have hosting and domain in godaddy.
will I get from there?

The FTP client is the software you are using to connect.

can you please send me screenshot exactly from where in filezilla I can get this?

I am afraid I am not using that software. All you need to do is change the connection address to the unproxied host you created in Cloudflare’s control panel. If you have difficulties with that it is probably best to ask in the support community of that particular software or alternatively find some tutorials or videos online.

oh ok :frowning:

what does it mean when you say unproxied host?

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