Canonical link issue

Hello - this is my first post & I’m not a tech person at all, so if you can explain like I’m 5 that’d be great!

We use Teachable to host online courses and have customised the domain to remove the ‘.teachable’ part from the domain. This seems to have caused issues. I’m trying to use an SEO tool and received the following error:

The canonical link element on your homepage ( is referencing a different URL, and so we cannot currently crawl and analyse your website.

The URL being referenced within your canonical link tag is Homepage | Sativa Learning

In order to enable crawling of your website you must update your canonical link tag to reference instead.

Can anyone help me understand what I need to do to fix this? Again - a dumbed down answer would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Your site’s home page is in a subdirectory (/p/home/ instead of at the very top (/).

You will have to ask Teachable how to configure this for your custom domain.

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Thanks for the quick reply @sdayman! I’ll get in touch with teachable to resolve

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I need to re-word my response. Your site pretty much works, but has a directory structure that treats /p/home/ as the root, which includes where some parts of your site thinks is the top.

When you talk to Teachable, you need to find out how to update all those URLs so they don’t use the /p/home/ structure. Just /

I hope that’s at least a little more clear.

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Very clear! And thank you for the simplified answer :slight_smile:


What are you doing on this site Ryan?

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