Cannot whitelist domains in http filtering

Maybe I’m missing something here, but is there an easy way to allowlist domains that are blocked by filtering categories (ie I want to be able to grant access to bankabc .com but block banks in the finance category).

Make sure the 1st rule action is set to “allow” and then write into the field the particular domains which you’d like to allow, therefrom after the 1st rule add another one, meaning the 1st is followed by the 2nd rule, where 2nd rule has got “block” as action and category “finance” (or more).

This way, when user requests some domain which belongs to the “finance” cetegory, would result in “block page”, however if it requests the it would load normally.

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Is there a way to do domains as wildcards?

You’d like to catch sub-domains too? :thinking:

If yes, then they’re already mathced by entering the into the field as follows on the link from below:

Or rather, bogus domains like bankabc.tld where tld is some phishing domain, or like, or some parts of domains, again phishing domain?

If yes, then I believe we would have to use the matches regex selector to catch them as described at the link from below (either to catch multiple of them):

Yes, what’s the regex format though? I assumed *.bankabc .com