Hi there, i cannot view my site i have read through previous articles and it may be down to proxy status dns only not proxied grey cloud icon instead of orange, but i have no idea how to fix this because i use mail on the same server can anyone help me fix this as my site is down and i cannot access it at all


Hi @mat_case in this case, if you login and select +Add a Site you should add the site again. I see it was added, nameservers confirmed and then deleted. And the nameservers were changed away from cloudflare.

If you add it back you should also then contact your registrar and change the name servers to cloudflare, did you make the change to cloudflare and then away from cloudflare?

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hey thanks for reply,

yes i made change to cloudflare, but i was unable to access my site so i went through kinsta and it worked, will i still get the same speed results through using kinsta instead of you guys directly.

Also what was the reason for the ssl not working, should i have waited 24 hours?

thanks =]

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Most likely was provisioning, sometimes they go through really fast some can take a day. Toggling universal ssl off & on after a few minutes can help kick start the process if it’s longer than 24 hours.

Adding & removing the site slows/stops the process as the certificate is provisioned/in process and then it is deleted when the domain is removed. The provisioning process starts over when the site added again.

thanks for info.

am i still getting the same benefits with cloudflare through kinsta as i would if i went directly through cloudflare d0 you know ?

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