Cannot verify my new Cloudflare account


I cannot verify my newly created Cloudflare account. When I receive the verification link in my email and click the link, Cloudflare indicates that the link is invalid. I have tried clicking from within my email client (Gmail) and by copy/pasting the link. Neither work. I have requested a new link several times and each time, the newly provided link also results in the same error message.

Thanks for any help!

That seems like a timing issue with our email server, were you able to resolve this @joel.mark.lee?

No, I have not resolved the issue, but I am suspecting a timing issue.

If I immediately click the verification link, I get the error above. If I wait for a long time and try again, I get a message that the link has expired. So maybe the trick is to wait for long enough that the link will become valid, but not for so long that it expires?

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Update: I tried again after waiting for 5 and then 10 minutes, I still received the error message that the link is invalid. This seems like a Cloudflare problem. Is there any alternate way to verify my account? Iā€™m unable to use API keys until I verify.

Sorry for the ongoing issue, I see your ticket 3082698 with Support and will flag it for my colleagues.

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Hi there,

Please check the ticket 3082698 for further updates.
I am seeing the account is verified from your dashboard.

Thank you.

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