Cannot verify my email


I cannot verify my email. When I clicked email verification my link turned out to be invalid. When I am resending emails, I do not receive anything. It has been like this for longer than an hour. Because of that when I am trying to invite another admin to the account I get an error “Invalid request: you must verify your email address before you can invite members.(Code: 1001)”.

I tried sending out the email to [email protected] but it says this email is not available. I tried to verify the account with the old link in different browser and even different computers - it still did not work.

I do not know how to solve it.

Hi @it1439

I can’t seem to find any account linked to your username.

Do you have a hostname or other information I can look up?

Hi @louise2 Thank you for your reply. My account name is redacted and email address redacted

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I removed your email from your reply @it1439

I suspect this was related to

Hi, thank you @cloonan

Yes, it looks like it was this. I received the link and that link was expired.

However, the issue that I have now, is that when I am clicking to resend the verification link (from both an expired link or an account preferences site), I do not receive anything.

How would it be possible to verify my account?

I show those as delivered. Can you check to please ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]?

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