Cannot verify MX record on my domain

Hi guys,

I am setting up MX for my mail server on NAS, record like this:

A : demo :
MX : mail : was added to my NAS in DDNS section.

Normally, when I set on other domain, it worked.
In this case, I don’t know why it did not work.

Please help!

Học Nguyễn

Because of code, I add my record here again:

Do I need to delete mail record to another server on my record? I’s tried deleting this record last night but did not help.

Assuming you are trying to handle mail for the domain itself, for addresses, the “Name” of your MX record shouldn’t be “mail”. Edit that record and put @ for the Name.

Then, is your mail server on demo or on mail? If it’s on mail (as it sounds like) you should make the Content of your MX record be, and then you must change your A record for the mail entry so it is not proxied, and update the TXT record as well. But if your mail server is actually on demo then ignore this paragraph (and then what is the mail entry for?).

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Thanks for your help,
My mail server is at, this is my NAS.
I tried your advice and now I can query my mail server. Love it.
Now I try with its subdomain :smiley:

Học Nguyễn.

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